Nokia Theme Creator is a tool to create Themes for Symian OS, S60 2.0 and to create audio Themes for Nokia S60 on Symbian OS by using this Nokia Theme Creator tool. Nokia Theme Creator is published by Nokia and it is a family of Cardide.ui. Now Nokia Theme Creator 3.5 provides editing support for S40 devices to create Themes.

Nokia Theme Creator 2.0 has been released through Symbian Foundation and this Theme Creator now supports Symbian OS, S60 edition 5.0 and to support future Symbian realeases. Installing and using this Nokia Theme Creator is so simple and you can easily create and custamize your own themes, for that you should have some requirements in your PC are it supports Microsoft Windows XP pro service pak2 or more, Windows Vista, 1GB Ram or 2GB Ram is best, 1GB disk space in the C drive, 1.5 or 2.8 Processor, sound card and it should support display 16-bit at 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Nokia Theme Creator provides access to more than 100 cutomizable Theme elements in the Symbian UI. You can create your own Theme like you can insert your photo graph, change clock element, signel, battery signel, icons, and even you can set your loved once photo on the phones folder icons section too, like these there are more features in this Nokia Theme Creator.


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