Check this too:  What is Shell? 

Many of  Newbies asking & searching for the tutorial , which tells "How to Use Shells..? "How to Deface Website ?" Many of them asking to write a post about it , so now iam going to   tell How to use "Shell"
When you Upload a shell on a site Whats  Next ? What you Going to Do ?
Many thing you can do With Shell,Some times you can hack other websites on the same server using some methods, or you can root the server using that shell !!
okk , How to upload files & and deface pages on your shelled sites ?
Look@ this image

in this image you can see a shelled website , and  iam in wp-content directory(location) .
That means the directory location is  , if i upload any file , it will be on that location
you can see the location  which we on  on Below the directory's(file manager) option
like:    /home/user/public_html/wp-content/
 and Remember public html is the site address, that means "" which you shelled
and the directory is
now How to upload Files to the site via the Shell ?
Scroll down you can see a "Upload" Button& browse option (or press ctrl+F and search for "upload"
then brose ur deface page & press on upload
After upload go to the file, and the file will be in the directory like
if you want to upload file in the main Directory ,go to the public_html (look at the first image)
& the file location will be
Now How to Deface Home page or the main page of a site or the Index page ?
look for index file , it will be in the name  "index.htm" , or  "index.html" , or  "index.php"  on public_html
you can edit or delete it, and you can update  "index" page with yours

E -Edit 
Permission:Controlling the permission of the page & files 
Now you can edit or  Upload Index page with your own Index(Deface page)


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  2. with out username and password how to upload files ?

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